Monday, November 10, 2008

Flash Drive your career!

One thing we talk about in our business class is creating a mobile office and what that entails in detail and how to create it. I was reminded again this week how important it is when one of the girls in our Sing It, Act It, Own It class forgot her music book at her job and couldn't sing in class that night.

We are big advocates of the flash drive. A 1 gig flash drive is a huge component of your mobile office. It should contain your monologues, every song in your music book, resumes, headshot, bio, even songs your working on, sides, cover letters, a database of casting directors and agents, etc. It's happened to me where I was out of town and the producer needed my bio ASAP so I ran to Kinkos, plugged in my flash drive and sent it out! If the girl in our class had her music on a flash drive, she could've went anywhere and printed up the songs she needed for class.

As actors we juggle a lot! By putting all your necessary marketing tools and material on a flash drive and carrying it with you, you are streamlining your business and are prepared for anything.

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